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Information for Guests

Guest Policy

Members are welcome to invite guests to meetings. This is a way for you to enhance the value you get from WHIMBY when you can invite someone with whom you are seeking to build a stronger relationship or whom you think would make a good WHIMBY member. There is a fee for guests to help cover our costs and the fee needs to be paid at the door by either the member/host or the guest. Guests may attend up to TWO times. The Board may make exceptions to this guideline.

Guests in Career Transition:  We welcome as guests those who are in transition or just getting started in a new business or practice and who are seeking to network. We recognize our organization can be a great venue to create opportunities for informational networking conversations and we wish to support that. Once a job seeker lands in his or her next position, or once a person has a 1-year track record in their chosen independent business venture (e.g., as a consultant), she/he will be welcome to submit an application for membership, but only after landing in that next position. See Membership Guidelines.

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Guest Fee Collection Procedure

As our membership and meeting attendance has grown, the former now approaching the established limit of 125, we would like to help out our WHIMBY DOOR AMBASSADORS and avoid ‘awkward moments’ at the registration table by streamlining and re-stating our meeting Guest Fee payment procedure as follows:

  • The Guest Fee is $10/guest, payable by check or cash ONLY – we do not currently accept credit cards. If your guest will be paying their own Guest Fee, please ensure they are aware it is check/cash only, with checks payable to “WHIMBY”.

  • Please try to arrive before or with your guest so that you can help them register and introduce them to WHIMBY. This will also avoid any confusion as to whether you or your guest will be paying the $10 Guest Fee.

  • If you arrive before your guest and wish to pay their Guest Fee and enter the meeting, that is fine. When your guest arrives they will be advised of your largesse, issued their guest name tag and drink tickets and ushered into the meeting.

  • If your guest arrives before you they will be asked for payment, issued a guest name tag and drink tickets and ushered into the meeting or invited to wait for the member at the door. If the guest’s understanding is that the member will pay, the guest will have the option of waiting for the member at the door OR being issued their guest name tag ONLY and entering the meeting. In the latter case, when the member arrives he/she can pay the Guest Fee, receive the guest’s drink tickets and deliver same to the guest.

Thank you for helping us observe these conventions.