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Membership Guidelines & Application

Who Makes a Good Member?

WHIMBY is an organization that values the development of relationships among business professionals with established companies or practices. The ideal WHIMBY members are decision makers in their respective organizations or are viewed by clients as trusted advisors. Our expectation is that candidates for membership will meet the following criteria:

  1. A business owner with 5 or more employees, or

  2. A business owner with fewer than 5 employees in business for at least 1- year, or

  3. An employee of a business meeting the criteria in (1) or (2) above, or

  4. A professional practitioner (e.g., a consultant) actively engaged in this professional practice for at least 1-year, or

  5. Exceptions as approved by the Board

Most importantly, WHIMBY seeks as members those who understand the value of developing relationships and helping others achieve their goals. WHIMBY does not intend to have as members those who don't reach out to build relationships with fellow members and to understand the professional skills of fellow members and the value they can each bring to clients and customers.

Nor does WHIMBY intend to have as members those who would use WHIMBY solely to "hunt" for business leads. There are other organizations better suited for "hunting."

Application for Membership

Every candidate for membership must be sponsored by TWO EXISTING members who are willing to endorse the candidate's membership and explain to the Membership Committee how this candidate meets the criteria and expectations for membership. Applications and endorsements will be reviewed by the Membership Committee which may make further inquiry. The Membership Committee will make its recommendation to the Board for final decision.

We highly recommend that a candidate attend one or more WHIMBY meetings before submitting an application to ensure that the candidate believes that WHIMBY will be a good match for him or her and to allow other members to get to know them.

Members wishing to sponsor a candidate for membership may download and provide to the candidate the membership application form. Instructions and where to email the form are included. Upon approval, your membership candidate will be requested to then submit a check payable to WHIMBY for the first year's membership fee (currently $120).


WHIMBY Membership Application Form (PDF)

Guests in Career Transition

We welcome as guests those who are in transition or just getting started in a new business or practice and who are seeking to network. We recognize our organization can be a great venue to create opportunities for informational networking conversations and we wish to support that. Once a job seeker lands in his or her next position, or once a person has a 1-year track record in their chosen independent business venture (e.g., as a consultant), she/he will be welcome to submit an application for membership, but only after landing in that next position.

Membership Fee

The current membership fee is $120 per year, renewable each anniversary date of initial membership.

Voluntary Sponsorship

Each member is encouraged to sponsor a WHIMBY meeting. As a sponsor, you will be given 5 minutes to share information about your business/company with the group (both WHIMBY members and guests), who can help you connect with your target audience. The cost of sponsoring a meeting is $100.