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Sponsorship Opportunities

The cost of our events is supported by both member dues and meeting sponsorships. Sponsoring a meeting is an excellent way to become better known to your fellow WHIMBY members and our invited guests.

Sponsorship Details

As a sponsor, you have 5 minutes at the podium to share your story, tell us more about the services you provide, share client testimonials or case studies, or donate your time for an organization you wish to support (with prior approval of the President).

Your company will be highlighted on our Sponsors page and on the home page of the WHIMBY website for the calendar month in which the meeting you sponsor falls.

Two member sponsorships are available for each of the regular monthly meetings, as well as the quarterly meetings that feature a formal speaker/program.

Sponsorships are often claimed well in advance, so if you have an interest in sponsoring a meeting, contact the WHIMBY Vice-President to see what meeting dates are available.

The WHIMBY membership policy expects each member to sponsor a meeting once every 24-months as a condition of membership. Given that WHIMBY has over 100 members, that schedule is clearly not possible. Still, new members should get on the calendar to sponsor a meeting sometime within the first 18-months of joining WHIMBY.

Cost of Sponsoring: $300.00

Thank you for sponsoring!

We all appreciate the evening's drinks.

As a sponsor, you have 5-minutes at the podium to present to your fellow members and guests. Make the most of it! Follow these guidelines for success:

You've Got 5 Minutes!